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Welcome to TGF NETWORK

Welcome to TGF NETWORK, where #TGF stands for The Global Family Network! Our mission is to create and connect a Global Community of 100,000+ Entrepreneurs. We are a community driven by three pillars: Empowerment, Education, and Experiences!

1.) Within our Empowerment pillar we focus on intentional collaboration through bible studies, personal & mindset development, book club, along with men's and women's groups to grow the Well being of your ENTIRE being.

2.) Our Education pillar provides information and tools to learn digital skillsets, leadership, sales, & automation of systems. The training we provide aligns with our focus on financial literacy and creating the next wave of elite entrepreneurs.

3.) We believe that our Experiences pillar allows for Expansion. We host exclusive Events and Team Trips that cultivate a unique environment for networking, collaboration, and creating shared memories that are centered around FUN!


 Lastly, our community access to Relationships & Resources sets us a part in helping you be positioned for success at every level of your career. TGF Marketing provides services to help business owners organically share their stories with a GLOBAL audience through exclusive publication platforms (Yahoo Finance, Bloomberg, Benzinga, etc.) and much more. TGF Network will help guide you on this next step of your entrepreneurial journey! 


Join us today and be a part of our thriving family! 

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Since day one, we have been working tirelessly to expand our culture, provide valuable product offerings, and give our community the BEST member experience possible. We are proud of how far we’ve come, yet remain committed to continuously raising the bar. 


Our brand partnerships, collections, programs, & services always keep the intention of progression in mind, aiming to empower, educate, and equip those within our community. Browse through our website and experience The Global Family Network for yourself! 


Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or comments you may have. We look forward to seeing what you do and who you become!

Mary C.

Kyle, TX

“The support and the genuine uplifting of this community has definitely helped me grow & get to where I am today."

Matthew R.

Austin, TX

With TGF’s help… people learn skillsets worth getting good at, learn the importance of growing as an individual, and also experience life at the highest level with the amazing events TGF hosts.

Donny W.

Odessa, TX

"Thanks to plugging in with TGF, I am now a profitable trader, investor, own an asset that produces passive income, and have helped co-create systems to help others with the process and skillset of trading and investing!"

Marcellis B.

Minneapolis, MN

“TGF weekly calls are very developmental for anybody that is trying to shift their mindset and become a better individual for the people around them."

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